Metro Train Operator Didn’t Follow Protocol After Door Opened on Wrong Side of Elevated Platform, WMATA Says

A Metro train operator did not follow proper protocol when the doors on a railcar opened on the wrong side just before 9 a.m. Wednesday while the train was on an elevated platform.

At a board meeting Thursday, WMATA staff also pointed out that the incident involved operator error. 

When what's known as a "wrong-side door incident" occurs, the operator is supposed to walk around the train immediately to make sure no passengers or objects fell out.

WMATA said the operator in this case did not walk around the train. Instead, the train continued on its journey. He also failed to report the incident to Metro's Central Control, as he was supposed to.

This incident happened on an elevated section of track at the Rhode Island Avenue station on the Red Line. A rider captured video of the incident and posted it on social media. 

WMATA said there were no injuries and the train operator has been removed from service pending an investigation.

In addition, the six-car train was taken to a rail yard for mechanical inspection and to download onboard door-operation data. 

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