Metro Considers Development of Two Parking Lots to Raise Revenue

What to Know

  • Metro considers plans to develop parking lots at the Grosvenor and College Park stations.
  • The developments would include livable space and food and retail.
  • Some riders would rather keep the parking lots.

Metro is considering land deals at two very busy stations to create revenue.

The development deals would create livable, usable space at what is now surface parking at the cash-strapped transit agency’s Grovesnor and College Park stations.

Developments could make the communities destinations.

"If we are going to be building, we ought to be building near Metro," said Casey Anderson, head of the Montgomery County Planning Board.

Even with all the construction in our area, demand to be close to transit remains, Anderson said.

"Almost all the new office space getting built and leased, not just in the county but in the region, is either right on top of or very close to Metro," Anderson said.

If the developments go through, retail shops and food and beverage shops would be tested as part of a new concept for development around the Metro system.

Some riders said they are willing to pay to live and work near the train.

"I enjoy the freedoms of being able to take mass transit,” Steve Ellis. “Works for me. That's why I'm here riding the Red Line."

Others want any new housing to be inclusive for people of all means.

“Some people ain't got a lot of money,” J.R. Wilson said. “They have to work from paycheck to paycheck."

And some riders oppose taking away parking to put up new buildings.

"I don't think they should do it where there’s parking for a Metro station," Melanie Atzili said.

"I think we probably need the parking,” Leslie Tarandoor said. “I think we have a lot of development around here."

Planners said they'll also keep an eye on how any new development could affect already busy roads nearby.

The plans are in the early stages.

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