Metro Work Plan Could Include Long-Term Single-Tracking, Shutdowns

A new maintenance plan could leave some trains single-tracking for as long as a month and could completely shut down portions of the rail line, Metro's leader says. 

General Manager and CEO Paul Wiedefeld plans to make an announcement about Metro's maintenance plan Friday morning. 

Metro officials say every single line will see some type of work.

Wiedefeld has said he doesn’t think large sections of the rail line will have to be closed, but parts of track in between stations may be closed. The shutdowns will only happen between two or three stations at the most. Buses could carry riders around those closures.

The amount of work that will be done is huge, and involves rebuilding tracks from the "ballast on up."

No timetable for when the plan will officially go into action has been set, but Metro has said it wants to get everything done over the course of months, not years. 

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