Metal Plate Gives Way to Car on DC Street

One couple had a nerve-racking experience in the Tenleytown neighborhood in D.C. Friday night when a metal plate they drove on gave way, and their car sank into a hole in the road.

The car was stuck in the hole at the 4300 block of Wisconsin Avenue NW.

"When we stopped on the plate, it started to sink down," said Scott Thomas, who was driving the car.

"I'm not very happy about it. It's my car, so hopefully it's not like a lot of damage, but we'll see," said Brittani Guevara, who was in the passenger seat at the time.

Thomas and Guevara were not hurt and managed to climb out of the car.

"Situations like this shouldn't happen," Thomas said.

The metal plates are commonly seen on D.C. roads that are undergoing construction.

The District Department of Transporation said the section of road on Wisconsin Ave. has been dug up for a Pepco project.

DDOT engineers and inspectors were back at the scene on Saturday to further examine the plates. All of the plates have been replaced, according to transportation officials.

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