Roadside Memorial for Teen Vandalized in Spotsylvania County

Someone vandalized a memorial for a Virginia family's late son nearly a decade after his death, the family said.

Kevin Sullivan Jr. of Spotsylvania County died in November 2010. There's never been an arrest in the case.

Nearly 10 years later, the broken cross along the road where he died still has some writing left on it. The teddy bear that was next to it was ripped into pieces, said Kevin Sullivan Sr.

"It eats me up every day, and this right here just makes me twice as mad," he said. 

Sullivan Jr. was found unconscious along Salem Church Road and suffered from a serious head injury, broken bones and a collapsed lung. 

He was on life support for eight days. 

"They claim he was hit by a car, but I don't think he was," Sullivan said. "The surgeon came out, said he wasn't."


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Years later, the family still searches for answers. With each year that goes by, the case looks more hopeless, Sullivan said. 

The Spotsylvania County Sheriff's Office updates Sullivan on the investigation every year around the time of his son's death, but there's never much to report, Sullivan said.

News4 reached out to the sheriff's office about the case.

Sullivan plans to rebuild the cross and put it back at the memorial to help keep the memory of his son alive. 

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