Mega Millions “Winner” Won't Show Ticket

A Maryland woman claims to have winning ticket, but won't show News4's Shomari Stone

The big controversy over a winning Mega Millions ticket continues in the Baltimore area.

McDonald's employee and mother of seven Mirlande Wilson says she bought the winning ticket in Baltimore County. She had gone into a pool of lottery tickets with her McDonald's coworkers but says she bought those tickets at a separate time for herself.

Wilson said 14 of her coworkers each chipped in five dollars each for a Mega Millions pool. Wilson bought the tickets and placed them into the safe at the restaurant.

According to Wilson, the owner of the McDonald's franchise gave her another five dollars for the employee pool and when she went to go purchase those tickets, she bought an extra couple for herself. Wilson says the winning ticket was in the extra tickets she purchased for herself.

"The report that a manager at the restaurant could be a potential winner is purely speculation and I strongly caution any one from jumping to conclusions," said the McDonald's franchise owner.

Wilson told NBC4's Shomari Stone that she was keeping the winning ticket in an undisclosed location. She plans on speaking with her lawyer before claiming her winnings.

"We've heard it's somebody's cousin, we've heard it's somebody who works up the street, the guy who mows the lawn, the lady at the McDonald's -- it doesn't matter," until somebody comes in with the winning ticket, said Carole Everett, of Maryland Lottery.

Wilson says the first thing she plans to buy is a new house for her seven children.

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