Medric Mills' Daughter Kicked Out of D.C. Fire Hearing

The daughter of a man who died outside a D.C. fire station was kicked out of a trial board hearing Friday, along with her attorney.

D.C. resident Medric Cecil Mills suffered a heart attack at the Brentwood Shopping Center in Northeast, directly across the street from D.C. Fire Department Engine 26 in January.

An official report found that, despite repeated desperate attempts by family members to summon help from the fire station, no one there responded.

"I ran to the curb and I was like, 'Please can you help my father. Please, please, please,'" Medric Mills' daughter Maria Mills said. "And I said, 'Are you just going to stand there and do nothing and let my dad die?'"

Mills' family said several people went across the street to Engine 26, pleading for help. But a rookie firefighter said he had to check with his lieutenant. When he returned, he said he had been told he could not respond.

Closed door trial board hearings regarding Medric Mills' death began earlier this week. Reporters were asked to leave the hearings.

Sources told News4 Maria Mills and her attorney were kicked out of the hearing Friday for the "safety of witnesses and trial board members," and as a way to stay consistent with the decision to keep media out.

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