Mean, Tire-Deflating Judge Pretends to Resign

Nalley believes he can best serve in the trenches

Circuit Court Judge Robert C. Nalley, of Charles County, Md., who has been embroiled in a bizarre scandal this week after he deflated a janitor's tire in the court parking lot, has resigned The Washington Post reported -- not from his duties on the bench, but from his superfluous job as chief court administrator. It's like an apology where no apologizing occurs!

Nalley was caught on camera Monday and has since admitted to deflating court janitor Jean Washington's car, which she had parked in a restricted space. Instead of simply leaving a note or calling a towing company or giving her a chance to move her car before doing anything, Nalley deflated the tire at once because, he claims, "leaving notes for illegal parkers in not effective." Again: he had other options.

Now with an investigation and possible sanctions looming, Nalley has served up this unapologetic fake sacrificial lamb to the authorities for future leniency: quitting his "other" duties as chief court administrator, where he was responsible for assigning cases to other judges and overseeing budget and personnel issues:

"I am at a stage of my career where I feel that I can be of more use to the judiciary as a judge in the trenches than as someone with budget, planning, personnel and other management responsibilities," Circuit Court Judge Robert C. Nalley wrote to Robert M. Bell, chief judge of the Maryland Court of Appeals.

Nalley made no reference in the letter to this week's controversy over the tire deflation.

Doesn't mention the controversy and has the gall to portray himself as "a judge in the trenches?" Sounds like a real bag o' fun, Judge Robert Nalley does.

Jim Newell writes for Wonkette and IvyGate.

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