Md. Trash Haulers Strike for Fair Wages

Haulers say they cannot support themselves on current wages

Nearly 12,000 homes in Montgomery County are going to be impacted by a workers' strike at Unity Disposal and Recycling. 

Trash haulers for the company say they are not being paid fair wages.

"Right now, they're paying us about $10.50 per hour," said Damion West, who works as a trash hauler for Unity. "We can't support ourselves off these wages."

Anthony Taylor drives a trash truck for Unity, and says the job can be "thankless." 

"We have to be out here in the rain, sleet, hail, snow, it doesn't matter," he said. "We have to get it done."

Unity Disposal and Recycling Human Resources Director London Bryson says the company has attempted to reason with workers.

"The company has recently put several new proposals on the table, but the union has ignored them and not responded in over a month," Bryson said.

The Montgomery County Division of Solid Waste Services has advised residents in areas affected by the strike who are scheduled for trash and recycling collections on Dec. 27 to put their trash and recyclables out by 7 a.m. 

Unity workers have vowed to strike until there is an agreement. 

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