Maryland State Highway Officials Prepare for the Next Big Winter Storm

New technology will help drivers get around easier and faster

Tow Plow 2

Maryland state highway officials unleashed their biggest weapon in the battle against snow today. The tow plow is expected to make a big dent in how roads are cleared during bad weather.   

The engine-less piece of equipment was showcased by the State Highway Administration in Silver Spring. It works nothing like your typical plow due to the fact that it is towed behind a regular maintenance vehicle and can clear two lanes of snow at once instead of the standard one. The tow plow also has the ability to apply salt to the road. 

Authorities also announced the creation of a snow patrol.  This group of volunteers will act as an added set of eyes on the roads for the highway administration.

“Every year we work hard to deliver bare pavement as soon as possible,” acting State Highway Administration Administrator Darrel Mobley said.  “This year we’ve added eight more cameras for roadway monitoring, tow plows and a snow patrol.”

Officials hope the new equipment and technology will help the agency put up a good fight against old man winter.

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