Md. Judge Mystified by Man's Bizarre Strength

A judge in Hagerstown says it's a mystery how a man broke a set of steel handcuffs and withstood 30 stun-gun jolts during a struggle with police.

The Herald-Mail reports that Washington County Circuit Judge Daniel Dwyer acquitted 32-year-old Nicholas Borum of all charges Tuesday. Dwyer said there was no evidence of voluntary intoxication but he was convinced Borum wasn't in control of his faculties during his arrest in July.

His lawyer says Borum might have been having a diabetic seizure. But prosecutors say his blood-glucose level tested within the normal range shortly after his arrest.

Police responded to a burglary call to find Borum outside a neighbor's house, clenching his fists, breathing heavily and unresponsive to commands.

They say a sedative administered by ambulance personnel had no effect.

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