Md. Couple's Termite Warranty Fails After Their Pest Control Company Is Bought Out

When termites returned to a Maryland couple’s home, they reached out to the pest control company with which they had a 10-year warranty, but that company had been sold to another company that doesn’t do termites.

Christopher and Meredith Clarke had their Huntingtown home treated for termites last year.

“They treated the entire house, all around the perimeter, drilling holes in the garage, the whole thing,” Christopher Clarke said.

They wanted the insects gone for good, so they bought a 10-year warranty, agreeing to pay $95 per year for yearly inspections, which included any additional treatment if termites returned.

“So just about a year after we had the treatment done, we started to notice some wings on the floor that looked like a recurrence of termites,” Clarke said.

They called the company to return, but no one responded.

“We were unable to connect to anybody,” Clarke said.


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They learned TruGreen bought out the pest control company with which they had a warranty. But TruGreen doesn’t do termites and had no record of them, the Clarkes said.

They said they paid another company $1,320 to treat their home.

“I was very upset about it,” Clarke said. “That’s quite a bit of money for a retired couple to lose.”

The couple said TruGreen never acknowledged them as customers.

TruGreen told NBC4 Responds "the Clarkes were not on the transfer customers list," but the company immediately cut a check to reimburse their claim.

The Clarkes say they are termite free, and they've signed up for annual inspections with another company.

TruGreen said it is in litigation with the former company it took over and looking for any customers who are in a similar situation as the Clarkes.

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