Reading Texts While Driving May Be Banned in Maryland

Lawmakers discussing bill to ban reading texts

Right now, it’s illegal to write a text and drive in Maryland. Now, lawmakers want to close a loophole that allows you to still read a text while driving.

A House of Delegates committee will hold a hearing Tuesday on legislation to create that ban.

The measure went before lawmakers last year, but differences between the House and Senate were not worked out, and the bill failed to pass.

Maryland’s Senate is also taking up texting while driving. A committee is holding a hearing on a bill that would ban text messaging when a vehicle is stopped at a traffic light.

The only electronic communicating left is talking on your cell phone, but even that comes with restrictions in Maryland.

Under the law, you can still use a hand-held cell phone at a stoplight in Maryland. But once your car is in motion, you need to use a hands-free device or hang up.

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