McCormick's Old Bay, Black Pepper Spices Will No Longer Come in Metal Cans

McCormick & Co. will change its Old Bay and black pepper cans to plastic

Maryland's favorite seasoning is getting a packaging makeover.

McCormick & Company announced this week that its Old Bay and black pepper containers will now be made of plastic instead of metal in an effort to make the containers more environmentally friendly.

The company said the new packaging will reduce carbon emissions by 16 percent. The new plastic containers will be fully recyclable and Bisphenol A (BPA) free. They will be made of PET plastic, the same kind of plastic used for plastic water bottles.

The quantity of Old Bay and black pepper in each container will remain the same, the spice company said in a statement.

The new packaging is expected to land on shelves by late this summer.

Scott Robinson, a spokesman for McCormick, said in an email that the company expects customers to have some discussions about the change in the iconic containers.

"We hope fans of Old Bay will embrace the new can because it's fully recyclable BPA-free plastic, easier to use and has a new freshness seal," Robinson said in an email.

"And, while the can may be changing, the seasoning inside is not."

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