McAuliffe Seeks that Boom Boom Pow

Virginia gubernatorial candidate and "Clintonian"  power broker, Terry McAuliffe,  continues a distinctly "Obamaist" campaign, complete with stars and snazz.

On Monday, McAuliffe campaigned throughout Virginia with singer

"I could be doing a lot of things with my time -- making songs for my colleagues in the height of Boom-Boom Pow," the singer told media before taking the stage.  "But it's important that I'm here with Terry McAuliffe, because I really believe it's going to take us all to turn America around."

Attendance was scant at the duo's daytime events, but a lively crowd of 350 congregated at the Claredon Ballroom for the singer's final event.

The audience, composed primarily of "youth voters," donated $20 and their contact information in order to get in.

McAuliffe and met in 2004, when the candidate commissioned the singer to campaign for Sen. John Kerry.  They diverged in 2007, when McAuliffe encouraged to join Hillary Clinton's campaign.  The singer replied that his "heart said" that he should support Barack Obama instead. is not the only headline-maker to take to the campaign trail with McAuliffe.  Bill Clinton appeared with the gubernatorial candidate last month and is scheduled to return to Virginia for him later this week.

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