McAuliffe Fights Back With Major Endorsement… From Some Montana Guy

Creigh Deeds is finished!...??

Terry McAuliffe's trying another tack, everyone: random endorsements from rural-y people!

Because producing 500,000 new television ads and robocalling every Virginian every three seconds does not seem to be fooling the common folk. Those ingrates still want the farmhand with his precious "big newspaper endorsement." These nuts!

Tomorrow McAuliffe will hold a morning rally with the biggest fish of them all in Virginia politics... Democratic Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer. This... this is... devastating... for Creigh Deeds? We'll see.

The extra official appeal of Schweitzer's endorsement is that he also happens to be chair of the Democratic Governors Association. Unfortunately, the DGA has been very clear that Schweitzer's endorsement is unrelated to his role in that capacity. So yeah, it really is just the random governor of Montana, coming to Arlington, to endorse Terry McAuliffe, for whatever purpose.

Well, there is one possible purpose, but it's so politically obvious that we dare even go there. But in the absence of anything else, why not: Brian Schweitzer is a former farmer who only wears bolo ties, got it? His politics are more moderate than those of many in the east coast Democrat establishment. This makes him "a common man" who can appeal to "rural voters" with "folksy stories" in support of Terry McAuliffe, who many see as a "slick lying big city carpetbagging fraud."

They really think you're stupid, Virginia. "The Governor of Montana, he likes farms and stuff too!"

But why would they hold this Big Time Endorsement rally in Arlington, where the Communists live?

Jim Newell writes for Wonkette and IvyGate.

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