McAuliffe Campaign Strategy: “I KNOW BILL CLINTON”

In a primary no one is paying attention to, this might be good enough

With only a few weeks remaining in the Virginia governorship's Democratic primary race, candidates Brian Moran and Creigh Deeds are still struggling to overcome their biggest statewide obstacle: No one in the state knows who they are.

Everyone, however, knows the third candidate, ex-DNC leader and former Hillary Clinton campaign chair Terry McAuliffe. Wacky Terry! Remember that time he did rum shots on the MSNBC Morning Joe show at 7 a.m.? Of course you do! And that's good enough for a vote, right?

McAuliffe, who had basically never been to Virginia in his life prior to this election (he has a "house" there, but we all know he sleeps on a cot in the basement of some New York City dive bar), is relying on his celebrity to maintain his slim polling lead.

And when a celebrity candidate knows another celebrity and constantly appears with that celebrity at events, voters are more or less required by law to vote for the celebrity candidate.

Well, Terry McAuliffe knows Bill Clinton.

McAuliffe keeps Clinton in his coat pocket and brings him out at every rally. "Look, I know Bill Clinton," McAuliffe shouts before passing the mic to an ever-smiling Clinton, who tells a joke about forest critters or hoe-downs or whatever. Everyone swoons.

Bill Clinton! He's Terry McAuliffe's meal ticket, and McAuliffe has no shame about emphasizing this. For example, check out this blurb from today's Washington Post liveblog of a forum with all three Democratic candidates:

2:20: McAuliffe's up first. He starts by noting he was in Norfolk with former President Clinton this morning. He says he's been asked why he didn't bring Clinton with him today--jokes the president hadn't been invited. Maybe next time.

Translation: "Hi, I'm Terry McAuliffe. BILL CLINTON BILL CLINTON. Thank you for your time."

Jim Newell writes for Wonkette and IvyGate.

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