Fenty Takes Secret Vacation to Petrodollar Haven

But why, hmmm?

For the last week, Washington residents have been unable to work, sleep, eat, or basically breathe because Mayor Adrian Fenty has been hidden -- or perhaps even missing.

Washington's "top public figure" had an unusual mix of no scheduled events last week and offered no explanation. The best conjecture among locals was that he fell in love with his friend Barack Obama's mother-in-law, Marian Robinson, and was playing house inside the East Wing.

Turns out, he was just in Dubai, doing God knows what!

The intrepid reporters at WTOP discovered that Fenty and his family took a "surprise vacation" last week to the oilman's sexy paradise in the United Arab Emirates. It was not paid for with taxpayer cash, so cool down. He didn't even have a security detail, so you cruel, miserly people basically paid for none of this.

So what was he doing there? No one knows! The mayor did confirm in a conversation to WTOP on Sunday, however, that he met with the mayor of Dubai, most likely to tell inside jokes about the Mayor Industry. These mayors, such elitists.

Since this report has to raise curiosity about something, we might as well go with international controversy.  Was he part of the plot to keep one man from playing the game he loves?

The UAE has received a lot of attention in recent weeks when the visa of Israeli tennis player Shahar Pe'er was denied, not allowing her to participate in the Barclays Dubai Tennis Championships.

Fenty did not say if he attended the tennis tournament in Dubai.

Eh. This all sounds like a cover-up. He was definitely playing house with Marian Robinson for a full week.

Jim Newell does not cover Dubai in his work at Wonkette and IvyGate.

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