Masked Gunmen Target Pharmacies for Pills, Cash

A trio of thieves is targeting small pharmacies in the district with military precision.

In the past month they've hit at least three different shops from Capitol Hill to Anacostia, police said:

  • Flexcare Pharmacy in the Ft. Davis Shopping Center Jan. 3,
  • Grubbs Pharmacy in Anacostia Jan. 17,
  • Morton's Pharmacy on Capitol Hill Jan. 23.

Detectives in Prince George's County, Maryland, believe the same masked men are reponsible for a pharmacy robbery in District Heights after 11 a.m. Jan. 10.

The masked gunmen are looking for oxycodone, Percocet and cash.

Before making a move, they case the stores, checking out the security cameras and learning where the drugs are kept. Then go inside with guns drawn and jump the service counter.

At Morton’s, the men Maced everyone before leaving, a clerk told News4.

They go to great lengths to disguise their appearance, wearing ski masks, hoods and gloves, but one of them wears distinctive green, white and black shoes.

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