Maryland Woman Says Officer Used Excessive Force During Arrest

A Silver Spring, Maryland woman who was punched in the face by a police officer in Prince George's County is claiming the officer used excessive force -- and police say the woman assaulted the officer.

Lina Uribe, 29, was punched several times by an officer about 2:50 a.m. Sunday, July 12 outside the Mexican restaurant El Tapatio, on the 4300 block of Kenilworth Avenue in Bladensburg, Uribe and Bladensburg police saud. Uribe said she then was hospitalized for three days.

Police said the officer was in uniform and off-duty, providing security for the bar, when he was alerted of a fight inside the restaurant. A security guard escorted Uribe outside and told the officer that Uribe had slammed him in the head with beer bottles twice, and that she had thrown beer bottles in the restaurant.

The officer escorted Uribe to his patrol car and tried to put her under arrest, but she punched, kicked and spit on him, police said.

"In an attempt to defend himself, Officer Calloway did strike the female with his fist," a statement from Bladensburg police says. Uribe was knocked out and taken to a hospital, according to police.

Uribe described the incident to News4 on Monday.

"He twisted my arm to the back and threw me down to the ground," she said through an interpreter. "He continued to hit me on my face ... after that, I lost consciousness."

"I believe it's a clear use of excessive force," said Uribe's lawyer, Shayan Modarres. "The officer could have de-escalated the situation without the use of force. There was no threat to the officer whatsoever."

Indistinct images of the incident were captured on surveillance video obtained by Uribe's lawyer.

She was charged the day of the incident with second-degree assault on an officer, second-degree assault on an employee of the restaurant and disorderly conduct. She has filed a complaint against the officer, which will be investigated by the Bladensburg Police Department's internal affairs office, police said. Their report then will be presented to the Prince George's County State's Attorney's Office. The officer remains on active duty.

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