Maryland Woman Overcharged $2,750 for Ring Purchased Overseas

A Maryland woman who bought a diamond ring while on vacation in the Caribbean says when she returned home she discovered she was overcharged almost $3,000.

Lois Toliver has taken more than 70 cruises and filled her Silver Spring home with souvenirs purchased from every country she’s visited.

On her last cruise she went to Diamonds International in St. Kitts, a company with 125 locations worldwide and a large presence in the Caribbean.

“I've dealt with Diamonds International before, many times,” she said.

She bought a gold ring for $4,375, but before she left the store, another salesman approached her with the same ring but in white gold and told her it would be the exact same price, she said.

When she got back from her vacation, she discovered she’d been charged an additional $2,750 for the white gold.

“It's bait and switch, I think,” she said. “That was my evaluation. This is not what I was told I was getting.”

NBC4 Responds called the vice president of marketing in New York, who contacted Toliver.

“He immediately, immediately emailed me and said that he wanted to work to my 100 percent satisfaction,” she said.

To satisfy her, the company agreed to refund her in full if she returned the ring.

“We hope our approach to handling her claim provided Mrs. Toliver with the confidence to know that we respect her as a valued customer," a spokesperson for Diamond International told NBC4 Responds.

“I could not be more grateful to you, NBC, and for Diamonds International for dealing fairly at the top,” Toliver said.

For added protection when making a large purchase overseas, pay by credit card. Also, ask your resort or cruise ship employees for recommendations on sanctioned vendors in the area.

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