Maryland Woman Helps Hurricane Harvey Victim Replace Mother's Mugs

A Maryland woman, touched by a New York Times photo essay that depicted the devastation of Hurricane Harvey on Houston residents, found a way to help a stranger replace some of what was lost. 

Ann Dahms, of Frederick, Maryland, read about Shirley Hines, whose home was flooded during the storm. Hines lost most of her belongings, including a set of treasured mugs from her late mother.

Dahms decided to search for the mugs, which were white with a red stripe and gold detailing. 

"Whenever she was feeling down, she would get one of those mugs and she said, 'I drink me some coffee,'" Dahms said. "And I just realized she had to have a new one."

Dahms discovered three were for sale online and brought them all.

Manny Fernandez, the Times reporter that spoke to Hines about what she had been able to save after Harvey flooded her home, took his wife, daughter and son to Houston to hand deliver the mugs to Hines on Sunday. 

"It was as if God was saying to me, 'It's going to be okay,'" Hines said. "And I just been telling myself ever since then 'I am so blessed.'"

The mugs brought back memories for Hines of her mother. The two would sit down and drink coffee together.

"The cup of coffee every morning gave her strength for whatever awful day was ahead," Dahms said. "And everybody needs a cup like that."

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