Maryland Reducing Some Speed Limits for Pedestrian Safety

Transportation officials are lowering the speed limits on some Maryland roads as part of a pedestrian safety effort.

Montgomery County police report 14 fatal crashes this year, including six pedestrian deaths.

"We're looking at speed limits, especially in high pedestrian traffic areas, to see if we can lower the speed limits to enhance the safety for the pedestrians,” Montgomery County police Capt. Thomas Didone said.

The speed limit will be reduced to 35 mph on a stretch of River Road where three members of a family were killed in 2016 when their car was hit while crossing to Whitman High School by a driver going more than 100 mph.

The State Highway Administration also has plans to slow traffic in Prince George's County.

The speed limit will be reduced from 35 to 30 on Indian Head Highway between Livingston Road and the Washington line. There have been numerous fatal crashes on that stretch of highway.

“Pay extra attention for the signs,” said Charles Gischlar of the Maryland State Highway Administration. “We're going to do everything we can to alert the public to make sure they're aware of this.”


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Police said there will be a one-year grace period for people to get used to the lower speed limits. They will issue warnings rather than citations during that period.

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