Maryland Museum Haunted by Ghosts?

Paranormal activity caught on tape!

The Brunswick Railroad Museum doesn’t sound like a scary place, but that’s probably because you’ve never been there at night.  Once the sun goes down, the ghosts (apparently) come out to play.

The Mason Dixon Paranormal Society recently conducted an investigation at the Brunswick, Md., museum.  A team of investigators set up audio and video equipment  to capture any potential paranormal activity.  Darryl Keller, founder of the society, says that while they didn’t capture anything unusual on video, they did capture 14 audio recordings containing EVPs, or electronic voice phenomenon.  All of the audio was captured on the second floor, the same spot where there have been reports of strange activity.

EVPs are believed to be disembodied voices, occurring at a level inaudible to the ear but detectable by digital or magnetic recording technology.

One particularly clear recording was made as two investigators were handling some objects to locate the source of a noise, during which a man's voice says ``That's mine,'' followed by a chuckle.

A few of the recordings could not be easily interpreted, but sounded like human voices.

While Keller would not say the museum is haunted, he said, based on evidence, his group concluded that there is some sort of paranormal activity in the building.  He would also like to investigate again.

"There is definitely something going on here," he said.  "It might take us two or three more investigations to see or possibly capture something."

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