Maryland Mega Millions “Winner” Holds Press Conference to Ask Press to Leave Her Alone

McDonald's employee hasn't produced winning ticket

The Maryland woman who claims to have one of the winning tickets to the largest Mega Millions jackpot in history called a press conference, didn’t speak and asked – through her lawyer – for the press to leave her alone.

Edward Smith Jr., Baltimore attorney for Mirlande Wilson, gathered the media in his office Wednesday but wouldn’t let his client speak. Wilson, a Haitian immigrant who claims she bought the winning ticket sold in Maryland, wants the reporters to go away.

“That’s really it,” Smith said, “to ask you to go back to your places.”

A 37-year-old mother of seven, Wilson once welcomed the attention. She told News4's Shomari Stone that she purchased the winning ticket worth $105 million after taxes from a Milford Mills 7-Eleven. She reportedly was responsible for a McDonald’s employee pool of Mega Millions tickets but says the winner wasn’t part of the pool.

Wilson sought legal counsel, saying she’s afraid someone will go after her for her money.

The Maryland Lottery Commission hasn’t seen the ticket. Nor has Wilson’s attorney. Wilson told News4 that the ticket is currently in an undisclosed location.

“I cannot tell you that it exists, presently,” Smith said. “We’re only preparing in the event that people who might challenge what we believe to be a legitimate claim.”

When asked about a New York Post report that the winning ticket is at the McDonald’s where Wilson works, Smith repeated that he does not know where it is.

He did not say when Wilson will produce the ticket and claim her winnings, but all the attention has taken its toll. Wilson has needed medical treatment for high blood pressure this week, Smith said.

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