Maryland Mayor Launches Program to Keep Seniors From Feeling Lonely


If staying inside has you looking for something to do, a senior citizen in your life could use a phone call.

Mayor of Laurel Craig Moe started a program aimed to ease the separation anxiety people are feeling with the imposed stay-at-home orders.

The coronavirus has caused major disruptions to the ways we interact, sometimes making it difficult for those who live along. Moe's program is called Chat with a Senior Citizen and is calling on people to check in on elderly relatives and friends.

Three times a week, the mayor's office will send out reminders for people to call their loved ones at 7:30 pm to connect with them. Senior citizens who would like to receive a call can sign up for the program.

For those looking to volunteer or those who want to get a call can, you can contact the program coordinators at 301-725-5300 x2110 or

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