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Maryland Man Threatened to Expose Photos of 6 Women in ‘Sextortion' Spree: Police

Michael Brendan Cooper, 22, of Germantown, is being held in jail without bond

A Maryland man tricked at least six women into sending him sensitive photos and demanded sex in exchange for keeping them private, police say.

Michael Brendan Cooper, 22, of Sweetgum Circle in Germantown, was released this month from jail after his first arrest on multiple "sextortion"-related charges, but was arrested again after allegedly threatening a victim with a knife, police said.

Police say Cooper misrepresented his identity to obtain sexual photos from six women, then threatened to send them to victims' friends, family or coworkers. Police believe there may be more victims.

The suspect would pose online as a woman called Rebecca Lattimore using variations of the usernames "beccalattimore" and "rebeccalostsc." He chatted with victims over social media and obtained sexual pictures and videos, police said.

Once Cooper got the personal images, he would reveal his true identity and threaten to release them, police say.

Cooper also "sextorted" several victims, demanding the women engage in sexual acts with him in exchange for keeping the photos private, police said.

Cooper harassed anyone who blocked him by using different accounts and fake phone numbers, police said.

Police identified five victims by July 13 and a sixth was found on July 17. Police arrested Cooper and charged him with four offenses, then he was released.

On July 26, police say a victim agreed to meet Cooper under the pretense that she would agree to his demands for sex. The woman refused to engage in physical acts with Cooper and he threatened her with a knife, police said.

Cooper then attempted to run away, but the victim's boyfriend stopped and held him until police officers arrived.

Cooper is now being held without bond. He's charged with ten crimes. Sextortion crimes in Maryland can be charged with up to 10 years in prison or fines up to $10,000. It's unclear if Cooper has a lawyer.

Police are concerned that more people may have been victimized by Cooper. If you have any information, contact Montgomery County Police detectives at 240-773-6254.

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