Maryland Man Found Dead After Going Missing During Hawaii Honeymoon: Police

A Potomac, Maryland, man who vanished after going for a hike during his honeymoon in Hawaii has been found dead, police say.

The Maui Police Department said Stephen Kramar's body was found Friday about 9:16 a.m. Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time.

Stephen Kramar and Jeffanie Kramar went to the island of Molokai after getting married on Sept. 8 in Falls Church, Virginia. Stephen went missing Monday after setting out alone to find a hiking trail.

Jeffanie Kramar told News4 via Skype on Thursday that her husband was an avid hiker and had gone to find a path that they could both handle together during their trip.

"He's experienced, you know, I wasn't worried at all about that," Jeffanie Kramar said.

She said she started to worry later Monday because she Stephen texted her in the afternoon that he was on his way back, but he never showed.

"At 9:30 I called him a few times and it rang so I knew his phone was on, but then around 9:45, 10 o'clock, like, the seventh or eighth attempt of calling him, it went dead. It went to voicemail," Jeffanie Kramar said.

Police said his body was found on a hillside in an area called Pia Gulch, about a half-mile away from the Wavecrest Resort where the couple was staying.

Search teams used helicopters, K-9s and volunteers to try to find him.

The couple was set to fly back home on Friday.

The circumstances surrounding Kramar's death are unclear. Police said an autopsy would be scheduled to determine his exact cause of death.

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