Maryland Man Accuses Bank of Not Letting Him Withdraw Money

The teller is heard saying on a video of the interaction, "that story just doesn't seem to add up"

A Maryland man says he was questioned and denied a withdrawal from his bank account by a teller who said the customer's "story doesn't add up."

Matin Dunlap began filming his interaction with the teller at a Bethesda, Maryland, branch of TD Bank after the teller questioned him about his identity. Dunlap says he was trying to withdraw $1,000 from his checking account.

Dunlap questioned whether he was being discriminated against when a teller questioned him, saying they were having trouble verifying information on the account.

Dunlap pressed the teller, saying, "So, you ask me where I'm coming from, you ask me what I'm doing here. We're in an affluent neighborhood and you're asking me how does somebody from Baltimore come to here?"

According to his attorney J. Wyndal Gordon, Dunlap lives in Baltimore County but he works near the bank's location on the 8000 block of Wisconsin Avenue. He visited the branch about 9:30 a.m. in January.

He says he showed the teller his driver's license and confirmed his date of birth and address. On the video, the teller is heard saying, "that story just doesn't seem to add up."

The teller said he had to verify Dunlap.

"You're playing with me. You're putting me through the wringer, you're giving me a hard time," Dunlap said.

The teller apologized. TD Bank later issued a statement saying the teller was unable to verify Dunlap's identity because he provided inconsistent information.

"Unfortunately, a TD store employee was unable to verify Mr. Dunlap's identity because there were inconsistencies in the verification information that the customer provided. We regret that he did not have a positive experience, which is what we strive to provide. We have made several attempts to speak with Mr. Dunlap to understand and address his concerns. We take this matter seriously and are continuing to review it," Matthew J. Doherty, an assistant vice president at the bank, said in a statement.

Dunlap's attorney says they will be contacting TD Bank next week.

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