Maryland Father Sentenced for Infant's Death

Baby Aleah was only 10 weeks old when she died.

A father was sentenced to 50 years in prison Thursday for his 10-week-old baby's death.

On June 23, 2015, Robert Alan Davidson called 911 to report his daughter, Aleah, was not breathing. She died in the hospital three days later. 

Davidson, 26, confessed to sexually abusing, shaking and dropping Baby Aleah -- and said he did not seek medical care for her after the abuse.

Davidson pleaded guilty to child abuse leading to death, child sex abuse and other sex offenses.

Lorena Thompson, the baby’s mother, said she had seen bruises and other injuries on Aleah after she had been in her father’s care. But she also did not seek medical treatment for the infant, according to police.

Thompson pleaded guilty to neglect and was sentenced to probation.

"50 years in prison gives Mr. Davidson time to think about the pain, suffering and hurt he inflicted on a 10-week-old child," said a statement from Ramon Korionoff, public affairs director for the Office of the State's Attorney in Montgomery County.

"Holding perpetrators accountable for shaking children to death is a necessary deterrent to those who might think there are no consequences to child abuse," Korionoff said. "It will not be tolerated."

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