Maryland Police Officer Bit Man's Testicle During Drunken Cinco de Mayo Fight

A Maryland police officer celebrating Cinco de Mayo bit another man's testicles during a brawl over a woman, Anne Arundel Country authorities said Wednesday.

Michael Flaig, 30, a police officer, had been fondling a women when her friend and roommate intervened, according to the charging documents.

The alleged assault victim walked away but turned around to Flaig punching him in the face. After the victim managed to get the officer to the ground and straddle him, Flaig allegedly bit the victim in the crotch to escape.

A woman approached responding officers with a description of Flaig, who had gone to another bar on the block.

Flaig's was charged with assault, his police powers were suspended and he has been placed on paid administrative duty.

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