Married Firefighters Celebrate Christmas from the Firehouse

This husband and wife won't be together Friday -- because they're first responders in D.C. and Maryland.

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Frontline workers have toiled tirelessly, especially over the past year, to take care of the public, and that includes over the holidays. A pair of married emergency responders won’t be getting together to celebrate on Christmas because they find themselves on duty. 

Tye Weaver is a D.C. firefighter paramedic. He’s one of nearly 400 D.C. firefighters working a 24 hour shift Friday. 

Still, Weaver got to work two hours early as a Christmas gift for another firefighter.

“That way the guy or girl that I’m relieving can go home to their family to try to be home for Christmas,” Weaver said. 

And he’s not the only one in his family working. His wife is a master firefighter in Montgomery County, and she’s also working the holiday. 

“We’re going to do the family thing tomorrow,” Weaver said. 

While the couple won’t be together on Christmas and won’t see their parents, they will be with a  family of sorts. 

“The fire department is like a second family, so going to work on Christmas with the guys and girls at the firehouse, it’s like spending Christmas with your other family,” Weaver said. 

He also won’t have to depend on the firehouse vending machine for Christmas dinner. 

“It’s gonna be a meal just like you would have at home. Most likely turkey, a full Christmas spread,” Weaver said. 

Fortunately, he said Christmas Day is typically a slow day at the firehouse, but it comes after a very long year.

“It’s a very challenging time right now, especially in the firehouse trying to stay distant from everybody… and on medical calls and stuff with all the PPE. It’s very challenging,” he said. 

While Weaver won’t see his wife or family until Saturday, he knows that’s all part of the job. 

His Christmas message for those at home is to “enjoy the time they have with their family and know we’re here for them if they need us.”

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