Arlington National Cemetery

Marine Walks From Ohio to Arlington Cemetery to Raise Money for Vets

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He walked hundreds of miles, lost 25 pounds and raised thousands of dollars for fellow veterans.

Justin Kuhel’s journey started in Columbus, Ohio, Dec. 14 and ended at Arlington National Cemetery 400 miles later.

Kuhel is trying to raise $20,000 for the nonprofits Help Our Military Heroes and Save a Warrior.

He’s a combat veteran who served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was honorably discharged from the Marines 10 years ago.

This was his third walk to raise money for vets — the first time in winter.

He was greeted at Arlington by his parents, supporters and fellow firefighters from Ohio.

Kuhel said this may be his last walk. He wants to finish college and go to work full time.

But he said he’ll always find a way to support veterans and their families.

Kuhel is still working to raise the $20,000 and hopes to do so before he heads back to start classes at Ohio State Monday morning.

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