Manhunt Underway for Rakeem Solomon Accused of Shooting Disabled Vet

Police are on a manhunt for a suspect accused of robbing and carjacking a disabled Vietnam War veteran, then shooting him.

The 65-year-old veteran was attacked Nov. 4 in Bladensburg to meet what he thought were two customers for the wholesale goods he brings from New York and re-sells just before Christmas so he can buy presents for his 13 grandchildren.

He told police two men grabbed him and demanded his keys and money. He said he initially resisted, but decided to give all his items up when he thought of his family. That's when he said he heard one of his attackers say, "Bust him anyway."

Police say that's when Rakeem "Killa" Solomon, 22, shot the vet, causing massive internal injuries.

"This injured me, physically, more than being in the war," the vet said. "I came closer to death here in Prince George's County than I did in Vietnam."

Police found a YouTube video of Solomon in the weeks following the shooting wearing a plaid shirt and black jacket -- the same jacket he wore the night of the Nov. 4 shooting, which was caught on surveillance. He's holding a gun in the video, the same one police believe he used in the shooting.

If you have any information on Solomon's location, you're asked to call police. He's wanted on attempted murder charges. 

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