School Superintendent Seems Like an OK Job

Teachers are well reputed for not breaking the bank in pay, but their supervisors can certainly clean up.

Just look at Manassas Park Schools Superintendent Tom DeBolt. He takes home $225,919 in a year just in salary for overseeing a grand total of four schools in the system, according to

That is within spitting distance of Prince William County Schools Superintendent Steven Watts, who is responsible for an 80-school system.  And about $50,000 more than Manassas City Schools Superintendent Gail Pope, who helms a system of nine schools, the paper reported. Plus, the perks don't end there: 

Other contracted benefits of the job for DeBolt include a $1,188 monthly automobile allowance; a 100 percent paid family medical, dental and hospitalization plan; a $50,574 annual annuity or deferred compensation plan; and a $9,681 supplemental life insurance contribution.

Before the knee-jerk outrage kicks in, dear reader, it must be stated that one can't claim that DeBolt hasn't spread the wealth around.

When he took over the system in 1995, it was ranked 45th in the state in teacher's pay and now ranks in the top five.

And DeBolt's wage increases -- up from $87,000 when he started in 1995 -- have been commensurate in percentage with those the teachers received. The lesson here being that sometimes if you stick around a good job long enough, it becomes a very plum gig.

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