Manassas Man Says He Fought Off Intruder With Guitar

A would-be home invasion got rocked trying to break into a northern Virginia home.

A Manassas man told police that it was not a six-shooter, but a six-string he used to play defense  against a man he said was trying to break in.

Authorities said around 1:05 a.m. on October 1, 32-year-old John Marc Mayhew tried to force his way into the Manassas home.  The resident was able to bar the door, but Mayhew then ran around to the rear of the house to enter the back door, according to the police report.

The resident told police he grabbed his guitar to defend the house.  As Mayhew attempted to force his way through the rear entrance, the resident said he struck him over the head with his musical instrument.  According to the resident, the guitar knocked the alleged intruder down the back steps to the ground, where he passed out.

Manassas police said they transported Mayhew to a local hospital for treatment, where he became combative and spit on an officer.

The 32-year-old, a Palmyra native, has been charged with unlawful entry, assault on an officer, and public intoxication.

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