Manassas Elects First Black, Woman Mayor

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The city of Manassas, Virginia, made some history of its own on Election Day when residents elected the first Black, woman and Democratic mayor in the city's history.

"I went to breakfast this morning and my husband's telling everyone around us, 'This is your new mayor. This is your new mayor.' And it's just exciting," Michelle Davis-Younger told News4. "I still don't feel like it, but I guess it will set in at some point. Maybe when I swing that gavel for the first time."

Davis-Younger is a familiar face in the city of 41,000 people. She grew up in Manassas and her parents still live there.

"I'm from here. I'm hometown. Why not? To be the one to lead the city where you grew up," Davis-Younger said.

She said she wants to make Manassas the "place to be forever and always."

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