Manassas Considers Tightening Leash Laws

Local leaders want to require adults (not kids) to walk their dogs.

Kids in Manassas may soon be able to get out of a common household chore.

City leaders want to make it a requirement that only responsible adults be the ones walking their dogs.

“At the other end of the leash, there must be an individual who is competent to control the animal,” Manassas Councilmember John Way told NBC Washington’s Craig Melvin. 

Way admits this has not been a widespread problem, however one woman recently reported having to jump on the top of a car to escape two stray pit bulls.  Way also ran into a similar problem while walking his small dog down a public street. 

“My dog was almost killed,” Way adds.

The city is also considering impounding and sterilizing dogs if they are caught running loose three times in two years.

Supporters say the laws would protect everyone in the community, and most people we spoke with agreed. 

"Generally, if a dog is running wild, it's probably hunting for something or trying to find something because it may be in season or it may be a male trying to find a dog in season,” Cindy Smith, a Manassas resident, told NBC Washington.

Any changes to the county’s ordinance will take effect after two more public meetings.  Those will take place next month.

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