Attorney Compares Pants-Dropping Client to Nats

They lose a lot, but they don't intend to lose

Man Drops Drawers, Fires Gun in Front of Cops; Lawyer Compares Him to Nats was originally published on City Desk on Jan. 28, 2009, at 12:20 pm

The Legal TimesMike Scarcella covered a gem of a case this week in D.C. Circuit Court. Antoine Blalock, who claims to be a music performer, was convicted following his arrest in front of the the D.C. police 7D substation on Alabama Avenue SE. According to testimony, Blalock pulled a handgun out of his trunk, fired several rounds into the air, and shouted that the police “should leave us alone and let us sell our weed!”

When the cops came out, Blalock reportedly dropped his drawers, prompting the cops to cover his junk with a towel.  They then found 23 bags of pot in his car. Blalock claimed it was all a stunt to get a record label to notice him.

Blalock’s lawyer, Edward Sussman, repeatedly called the case bizarre, and then added to that characterization himself. See, just because Blalock showed up with weed and told the cops people should be allowed to sell it, he didn’t intend to sell it. Sussman said it’s just like the Nats: They lose a lot, but when they get out on the field they don’t intend to lose.


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