U.S. Secret Service

Man With a Gun Arrested at Vice President's Residence

The U.S. Secret Service takes a man into custody at the vice president's residence.
Andrew Leyden

The U.S. Secret Service arrested a man with a gun as he attempted to enter the grounds of the vice president’s residence in Northwest D.C. on Friday.

An affidavit obtained by News4 identified the man as Roderick Porter.

Porter, who had authorization to be there, reported he had a gun in his car at a vehicle checkpoint, the Secret Service said.

According to the affidavit, Porter said he had a valid D.C. concealed carry permit.

Officers ran the gun's serial number and found it had been improperly registered.

Porter was arrested for unregistered firearm, unregistered ammo, carrying a pistol without a license and carrying a pistol in a prohibited area.

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