Man Who Shot Alexandria Officer Deemed Incompetent to Stand Trial

Courts have again ruled former Virginia cab driver Kashif Bashir mentally incompetent to stand trial.

This is the second postponement in the case against Bashir, who is accused of the 2013 shooting of Alexandria police officer Peter Laboy.

The shooting occurred last year near an Old Town elementary school. Laboy, a 17-year veteran of the Alexandria police force, attempted to pull Bashir's cab over after complaints that he had been behaving suspiciously. Laboy, who was on a motorcycle, was shot in the head after approaching Bashir's vehicle. 

Laboy survived, but suffered traumatic brain injury that left him learning how to speak and walk again.

In July 2013, Bashir had been ruled incompetent to stand trial. Then, earlier this year, he had been ruled fit to stand trial -- but lawyers warned his mental condition could deteriorate once he was transferred from Central State Hospital to prison.

Today, Bashir's lawyers say his mental state has become progressively worse, leaving him barely able to communicate with his legal team.

The judge ruled that Bashir be sent to a state mental health facility and his case be postponed indefinitely.

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