Man Wanted for Shooting at Good Samaritan

Police are on the lookout for a man who shot a Good Samaritan after a robbery attempt in Prince George's County Tuesday.

According to police, a woman was waiting in the passenger seat of a car outside of a gas station around 10 a.m. when a would-be robber approached her, after spending some time scoping out the vehicle.

At that moment, a Good Samaritan drove his truck toward the area, startling the robber, who then fled into his own car. Just before exiting the gas station parking lot, the would-be robber took a shot at the Good Samaritan's vehicle. The man was not injured.

Although the would-be robber's plans were foiled, police say you should never interefere during an ongoing crime.

"We don't ever encourage somebody to put their life in danger at the risk of not knowing what a suspect is doing," Cpl. Nathaniel Lewis with Prince George's County Police said. "If they see the car, they can get a tag, a description of the vehicle and the suspect, that would help a lot."

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