Hate Crime Enhancement in Stabbing Near Howard Theatre

Victim in serious condition

Police have three suspects in custody in the stabbing of a teen in northwest D.C.

Desmond Campbell, Ali Jackson and Alyonica Jackson were charged with assault with a dangerous weapon and the hate crime enhancement, according to court documents.

According to court documents, homophobic slurs were directed at the 16-year-old victim while he was stabbed multiple times near the Howard Theatre in the 600 block of T Street about 8:40 p.m.

Campbell put the boy in a headlock while holding him from behind, and Alyonica Jackson helped hold him while Ali Jackson stabbed him in the left bicep, lower back and left leg, according to court documents.

The victim managed to spray the three suspects with pepper spray and flee, according to court documents.

The Howard Theatre released the following statement about the incident:

"This incident, though unfortunate, apparently happened at a construction site not affiliated with the theatre, and did not happen at The Howard Theatre and did not involve patrons or anyone else involved with the theatre."

A witness told investigators that Campbell and Alyonica Jackson left Howard Theatre together after Alyonica allegedly took  $3 from a tip jar in a lower bathroom there, according to court documents. The witness then hear Alyonica Jackson and Ali Jackson discuss how they would rob someone. Alynoica Jackson was also charged with theft.

After their apprehension, Alyonica Jackson and Campbell continued to make derogatory remarks about the victim's sexuality.

The victim was taken to Howard University Hospital in serious condition.

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