Man Smashes Car in Reston With Woman Inside

Police are searching for a man who attacked a woman’s car while she was inside it Wednesday night in Reston, Virginia.

A woman who has asked not to be identified said she was waiting at the intersection of Hunter Mill Road and Sunset Hills Road at 9:30 p.m. when she noticed a man in the street.

She originally thought he wanted money, she said, but got a strange feeling and instantly locked her doors and rolled up her windows. The man began screaming and smashing her car windows with an unknown object.

In an attempt to get away, she pulled ahead and called 911, but the man continued to strike her passenger window and windshield until shards of glass flew inside, so much that it was difficult for her to see as she sped away.

She couldn’t see the man in the dark to describe him to police, but officers searched the surrounding area with night vision goggles to no avail.

The car is in the body shop for repairs, but the woman was unharmed.

Police said there have been no similar incidents in the area.

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