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Man Seen on Video Slamming, Kicking Dog in DC

The Humane Rescue Alliance is trying to find the person and help the injured dog

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Investigators with the Humane Rescue Alliance are trying to find a person who was captured on someone's home surveillance camera abusing a small dog in Southeast.

The video, which News4 is not showing online due to its graphic nature, shows what appears to be a man crossing the street with a little dog on a leash.

When the dog slows down to sniff the grass, the man yanks the leash, then reaches down and scoops up the dog.

From shoulder height, and with full force, he then body slams the dog to the sidewalk.

The animal can be heard shrieking in pain.

Then, he kicks the dog in the head before dragging it by the leash out of camera's range.

"It is a particularly graphic and brutal depiction of, unfortunately, some of the things that go on in this city and in many others," said Dan D’Eramo, the director of field services at the Humane Rescue Alliance.

The video was recorded about 6:30 a.m. Monday on Pomeroy Road SE near the intersection of Sheridan Road.

Investigators believe people who live in that area might recognize the dog, and the man holding the leash. 

The HRA also wants to find the dog in the hopes of helping the injured animal.

"Animals are parts of our family. We're long past the point of recognizing the fact that they're living, feeling, sentient beings. And this type of barbaric handling of them - there's just no place for it," D'Eramo said.

A number of people posted offers of rewards on social media, for information leading to the person responsible. Others have offered to help pay for the dog’s medical treatment.

Anyone with any information can call the HRA at 202-723-5730.

The organization maintains a special donation fund for its efforts to combat animal cruelty.

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