Man Says Toll That Went to Collections Should Have Been Covered By His E-ZPass

A Virginia man said an unpaid toll and fine he was unaware of was sent to a collection agency, but it should have been covered by his E-ZPass account.

Marine veteran Tim Evans, of Woodbridge, said he doesn't use his E-ZPass much, so he was surprised when he got an alert from a credit reporting agency.

“It was something that said Law Enforcement LLP,” he said.

Law Enforcement LLP is a collection agency.

They were collecting $102.80 in fines on an unpaid $2.80 toll from November 2015 on behalf of Transurban, which manages the express lanes on Interstate 495.

Evans said it was the first time he had been contacted about the toll.

He said he provided proof his E-ZPass account had more than enough to cover the $2.80 toll at the time of the violation and he doesn't believe he was on the road at that time.


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Evans said he asked Transurban what proof it had.

“They said they had a picture of my license plate to prove that it was my vehicle,” he said.

But they didn’t provide any documentation or proof, Evans said, and since his case went to collections, Transurban wouldn’t talk to him anymore.

“They wouldn't cooperate,” he said. “They said that I needed to deal with the collection agency.”

NBC4 Responds contacted the company and got an immediate response. Evans "did not have his E-ZPass mounted correctly in the vehicle during his trip,” according to a spokesperson.

That explanation didn't make any sense to Evans. It’s been mounted in the same place since he got it, he said.

Transurban also said, "His license plate wasn't linked to his account when he traveled."

Evans said his license plate number is the same now as it was when he opened his account.

“We want to take care of customers, but we need customers to, if they make a mistake, just make sure you update your account so this doesn’t happen again, and better yet, just make sure you mount that EZ-Pass near your rear view mirror so you can travel the lanes without a concern at all,” Transurban spokesman Mike McGurk said.

In the end, Transurban waived the $100 fine, and Evans paid the $2.80 toll.

"Customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities on the Express Lanes, and we’re glad to help resolve this matter for Mr. Evans," McGurk said.

“NBC4 definitely took care of it and it was a blessing,” Evans said. “I thank you guys for all the help you provided me and my family.”

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