Man Pleads Guilty to Woodbridge Student's Death

The man accused of killing a Woodbridge High School student pleaded guilty to first-degree murder Monday morning.

Kawain Smalls, 21, faces 25 to a maximum of 50 years in prison for the Nov. 2014 death of Brenden Wilson. Prosecutors say they'll seek the maximum sentence.

Wilson, 16, was shot multiple times along a popular path that students use to cut through to a nearby neighborhood.

Smalls never met Wilson before deciding to avenge a confrontation between Wilson and his brother, prosecutors said.

Smalls' sister allegedly lured Wilson to the area, saying she wanted to buy some pot, testimony Monday showed.

When Wilson reached into his pocket, Smalls shot him six times in the back, testimony showed.

As Wilson lay on the ground, Smalls shot him again.

Smalls confessed the day after the shooting.

During police interrogation, Smalls said he started shooting because he thought Wilson was reaching for a gun.

"I just pulled the trigger just to put him down just one time," he said.

Wilson's gun turned out to be a BB gun.

Prosecutors said Monday that Smalls told them Wilson, "I don't feel like people deserve to die, but if you asked me if he deserved to get, or even shot, just shot, I waould say yeah."

"How do you shoot somebody that you've never met and then turn around and say he deserved it?" said Wilson's mother, Vikki Wilson Moore.

She wants Smalls to get more than 50 years.

"I hope the judge gives him life because he said my son deserved it," she said. "I deserve him to go to jail for life."

Smalls' brother had stolen the gun that Smalls used from a home in the neighborhood, other testimony showed.

Four other people -- including Small's sister and brother -- also are charged in Wilson's death.

Smalls will be sentenced March 14.  

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