Fake Officer Handcuffed Real Officer at DC Whole Foods, Documents Say

Officers ordered the man to stop resisting arrest. He responded: "You stop resisting!"

A man impersonating a police officer handcuffed a real officer at a Whole Foods store in D.C., charging documents say.

Officers responded to the store's Foggy Bottom location Monday after reports that someone was disturbing customers in the self-checkout lane by waving a pair of handcuffs and threatening to cuff people.

The man became combative when real officers tried to subdue him, charging documents say.

Officers ordered the man to stop resisting, according to police.

He responded: "You stop resisting!"

The suspect clamped a cuff tightly onto one officer's right wrist.

The officers were able to arrest 47-year-old Evan Jerrold Graham, from Maryland, and found a second set of handcuffs and a single hollow-point bullet in his pants, police said.

Graham was arrested on charges of simple assault, resisting arrest, possession of unregistered ammunition, false impersonation of a police officer and possession of implements of a crime.

Graham didn't have the key to the cuffs on the officer. After several minutes, another officer broke them off. They were not police-issue handcuffs, but they were fastened tightly enough that the officer was medically evaluated on the scene for possible circulatory problems.

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