Man Found Murdered on Huron Avenue in Suitland

Police are collecting evidence at multiple scenes near where a man was found dead early Tuesday in Suitland, Maryland.

Around 1:45 a.m., someone called 911 to report an assault. Officers arrived on the scene and found a man dead in the 4600 block of Huron Avenue. That man was later identified as Amos Milburn Jones, 54.

"I have no words for this," said the victim's cousin in a shaking voice. "But... I want them to find whoever killed my cousin."

Investigators are working to find Jones' killer -- but that's no small task, because there are three separate crime scenes. People say they're connected, but won't provide information on how.

They're collecting evidence in several areas, including an alleyway behind a shopping center, where the victim's body was found.

"He just wasn't moving, so I called the police," said a witness who didn't want to be publicly identified. He said the victim got into an argument with several people.

"I saw the two guys, the first two guys fighting. Then they left. Then I saw [a] girl and four other guys," the witness said. "And that's when I left. Then... when I came back, I saw somebdy laying in the alley, and it was him."

A few small businesses are in the area, but were all closed at the time of the crime, making it an isolated scene, News4's Megan McGrath reported.

As investigators gathered evidence near the alley, another team did the same down the street at the Regency Court Apartments on Swann Road. The playground is encircled in crime tape, with bloody footprints on the sidewalk in front of it.

Across the parking lot in front of the apartment building, more crime tape and more bloody footprints could be seen.

A woman said she and her boyfriend were with the victim shortly before he was killed. They parted ways, and she received a call from another friend not long after, saying he was dead.

"Me and my boyfriend were with him an hour prior to the incident happening," she said. "When we pulled back up to see him, that's when we noticed all this being taped off. So when we got back home, that's when we got a call...."

Authorities cordoned off several blocks Thursday morning.

Silver Hill Road was closed early Thursday, cutting off access to the main gate of the Suitland Federal Center. It reopened shortly before 6 a.m.

Prince George's County Police have not released much information on the murder investigation but more should be released shortly.

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