Man on Median Fatally Struck by Out-of-Control SUV in Germantown

Passerby stopping to help realizes mother involved in crash

A man was fatally struck by a vehicle in Germantown, Maryland, Tuesday morning. 

The driver of a Toyota Sequoia SUV traveling along Middlebrook Road lost control and struck the man on a median at the intersection of Great Seneca Highway about 11 a.m., throwing the man onto the hood of the Toyota and into the windshield.

The Toyota then struck a Ford Expedition in the intersection, crossed four lanes of traffic, jumped a curb and struck a tree, sending the man from the hood into the fence of a nearby school.

The victim, 64-year-old Richard Lee Cooper, who neighbors say was a friendly panhandler who frequently could be found on the median, died at the scene. 

A 19-year-old lifeguard heading to work said he stopped to help and realized his mother was driving the Toyota. He pulled her out of the vehicle.

"She was a little woozy," he said. "She was a little slow."

The drivers of the Toyota and the Ford and a passenger in the Ford were taken to a hospital with serious injuries but are expected to be OK.

The cause of the crash is under investigation. Police will interview the drivers of the vehicles.

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